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We Can Help You Get the Facts You Need!

When making important product development decisions, or when developing strategic marketing materials, it is imperative that you are working with factual data. But perhaps even more importantly, understanding the data you have, is the key to success.

For example, normal data sheets might tell you that one mobile amplifier has a maximum input sensitivity 120 millivolts, while the next may be 300 millivolts. This data is factual, but what does it really mean to the end user and to your sales?  To most engineers, the 300 millivolt unit would be considered better because it will probably be quieter, with better signal to noise specs than the amp with more gain. We can help you understand how to decide which one is really better for your customers and for your bottom line.

At Cogent Audio Labs, our Priority Consulting Service deciphers the raw data for you, putting it in real world terms, with easily understood examples.

In the above example, we would make you aware that while the 300 millivolt sample may be a bit quieter, the 120 millivolt product would in all likelihood win the “louder” award on the demo board, by as much as 8dB! We all know on a demo board louder is usually perceived as better, so this is an important data point to understand. Will the additional noise disadvantage be offset by the significant perceived output advantage? Now, you have the real issue in front of you, and can make informed decisions.

This is simply one of many examples of the importance of understanding data, versus simply measuring it.

Our labs are fully equipped to measure and analyze audio electronics as well as loudspeakers for virtually any application. Over the last 20 years, we have measured literally thousands of products, and have developed clear, concise standards and practices from our experience, resulting in world class data acquisition. We have also actively participated with the CEA and others in the development of industry wide standards and measurement techniques.

At Cogent Audio Labs, we use industry standard, carefully documented test procedures, and world class measurement equipment. All significant test equipment is regularly calibrated for guaranteed accuracy. Our test lab is equipped to make nearly any conceivable audio related measurement required during normal product development*.

Additionally, customized client specific measurements ~ using your proprietary techniques, can also be obtained.

By utilizing our Priority Consulting Services, we provide your data in clearly understandable, real world terms, ensuring a much more thorough understanding of the performance of a product and how it’s performance fits in the marketplace.

Whether you need above reproach technical analysis... or real world training for your staff on the fundamentals of audio and how your products work... give us a call, and let Cogent Audio Labs help you separate the “signal” from the “noise”.

· We currently do not produce EMI or CE emissions evaluations.